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Health Care Law Is Top Issue In 5-way Primary For Kansas Insurance Commissioner / Ljworld.com

Clark Schultz That was originally mandated under the law, but the U.S. Supreme Court made it optional when it ruled that Congress lacks constitutional authority to impose such a mandate on states. I think many people who would receive Medicaid in an expansion, many of them have health insurance in the private market already through their employer, he said. Many who don't have access already are able-bodied working adults. John Toplikar John Toplikar John Toplikar is a Johnson County commissioner and former state representative from Olathe.
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NH's abortion clinic buffer zone law in legal limbo | New Hampshire Politics

Charles Childrens Home in Rochester, and six other plaintiffs, filed suit to have the law ruled unconstitutional. They argue it violates their freedom of speechrights. The Access to Health Care Facilities Act, scheduled to go into effect on July 10, allowed health facilities that offer abortions to post signs creating a 25-foot buffer zone between clinic clients and protesters. U.S.
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